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My Presentation Principles

Make the topic 



Educate the audience


Deliver in a fun, Nonjudgmental way


Speaker Services

Highly Requested Presentations

Office Work

The Power of Financial Planning

This presentation is designed to demonstrate how intentional financial planning can be life changing! We'll cover the mechanics of financial planning and how to apply it to each person's life. 


Implementing Money Planning and Positivity

Complementing my NYT Best Selling book, this presentation focuses on the mindset shift associated with gaining financial clarity. This is a crowd favorite because they walk away with actionable steps and real financial tools instead of a bunch of financial jargon.

Investment Chart

Using your Money to Make More Money: Investing 101

This is a great presentation for anyone who is new to investing or someone in need of a refresher to the world of investing. We'll talk about everything from identifying investing to how to creating investment accounts. I even buy an investment live!

*Other presentations on specific topics are available upon request and can include workbooks or collateral. 

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