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Join the 45-Day Inner Circle Mentorship
Starting January 26th, 2022

You've been looking for it... here's the program that's going to change your life.

Here's what's included in the program:

Get your first 6 or 7 Figure net worth

We'll explore ways for you to 10x your net worth with some simple money multiplying techniques.

Access to all of my courses, guides, content created

There's a lot of noise around financial guidance. But what's real, what works? Get clarity about that in the mentorship.

Create Generational Wealth

Learn the techniques the wealthy use to build a 7 figure net worth and eliminate taxes.

How To Implement the Triple Threat Investing Strategy(tm)

You need multiple investment accounts(401k, SEP, IRAs). But which ones? Yes, I talk strategy, but you need to know which account type is best to help you make and save over $500k.

How To Build a 6-figure Portfolio

Create a Portfolio of Stocks, Bonds, ETF's, Crypto and other assets to stand the test of time. 

Credit Secrets

What's the truth behind how credit works? Can I really just remove things from my credit? We'll talk about all of these options and more.

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For  45-Days 

Commit to completing the provided materials, learn the new techniques and do the work to change your life.



Commit first, figure out the rest later.

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Meet Your Mentor

Hi I'm Jacqueline and I know you're already a millionaire. We just need to implement a few financial techniques to get your money matching your new title, millionaire. I've worked with ultra high net worth individuals for 8 years now and I know all the tips and tricks to get you there.

Join my 45-Day Inner Circle Mentorship where I'll teach you how the wealthy get and keep their money. I can't wait to see you on 1/26!